High Quality, Transparent Carrying Bags
That Comply with the Strictest Security

Our most popular product line.

The Freedom Security Bag at Yankee Stadium.

All bags available in an assortment of colors.

The #1 Transparent Bag in the Sports Industry!!

Our U.S. Patented Utility Bag - known as the "Freedom Security Bag" - is one of our best sellers

Freedom to carry your personal belongings anywhere, i.e. stadiums, arenas, schools, airports and businesses

Proven to expedite the ease of entry, alleviating the wait time of frustrated fans entering into sports facilities

An excellent marketing and sales concept to promote your business, team or school and increase sales.

Made of durable, high quality, water resistant, transparent vinyl polymer

Color coordinated bags with your logo affixed on front provides great esthetic value coupled with team support

Various size backpacks and bags available with custom design capabilities

Time has proven that "these bags may
have been a novelty of the past, but are
now a necessity of the present."

The NFL has mandated that only transparent bags be permitted into the stadiums. Colleges are also in the process of instituting this mandate.

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